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5 experience management (XM) domains drive every business:












We are reinventing the way people acquire, consume and activate knowledge to tackle today’s experience management challenges. Greater XM success unleashes business growth.

Xpedition is an ecosystem of experience management information.

Everyone who impacts the customer experience — across employees, product, brand and digital experiences — will benefit from XPedition.


Introducing the Xosphere, a new model for understanding how experiences should be managed in the customer-centric organization.


Executives are struggling to see real results from their customer experience, employee engagement and marketing strategies and digital transformation investments. In a recent Xpedition study, 72% of CX leaders indicated substantial concern with ability to get the organization to change the way it operates in order to achieve success. The critical missing piece is a customer-centric culture that motivates the right team-based behaviors that directly impact customer outcomes.

The unique and disruptive nature of Xpedition is that we offer:


- Intelligence in the right place and the right amount of time. Get intelligence served based on how much time you have available.

- Personalized, progressive learning paths help you to achieve mastery.

1:1 or 1: many coaching in the flow of work with noted experts across the XM marketplace, and ultimately.

- Your profile and assessment identifies your needs and priorities so that your see the most meaningful intelligence and solutions.

- Set and achieve learning goals with Sherpa Levels and personalized dashboards.

Crowd-sourced ratings and reviews to highlight “most valuable” insights and solutions.


Our Values at Xpedition

  • Respect: We appreciate people and embrace our differences.

  • Transparency: Our default is to openly share information and trust one another.

  • Have Each Other’s Backs: We support each other and embrace the power of working together as a team. 

  • The Journey Matters: We’re obsessed with experience. For our customers, employees, products, brand and digital experiences we’re relentlessly focused on excellence.

  • Exploration: We’re adventurers at heart and believe in exploring the boundaries of knowledge and data.


Xpedition is led by Michael Allenson and Kimberly Lanier, with a combined background of more than 45 years in customer experience management and employee engagement across product development, sales and marketing


Kimberly Lanier

is a seasoned EX Sr. Executive who has had P/L responsibility for startups and a large intrapreneurial division at Maritz Motivation Solutions.

Kimberly has been noted as one of the top 100 Global Employee Experience Influencers in the market.


Michael Allenson

is a seasoned CX Sr. Executive who led professional services teams at MaritzCX and developed innovative solutions to customer intelligence challenges. Michael offers a disruptive vision for how companies can access, leverage and activate the best information and thinking on how to win customers-for-life.



“Xpedition has helped us elevate our go-to-market in a way that showcased our unique value in a very tangible data-driven way. Now we have a way of expressing our unique value proposition and delivering a client and local business partner experience that no one else has in our industry. The change is remarkable and potential is endless. Xpedition’s approach of developing diagnostic tools and success pathways is an entirely new and exciting approach.”

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Elizabeth Journell

SVP Sales and Marketing at BrandMuscle