Working Class Heroes

Work that enables a person to perform and contribute and in doing so develop a sense of self-respect, provides a sense of Dignity. Lacking any demonstrations of appreciation from the leadership, workers developed dignity through the acknowledgement and respect of their peers. The workers honored the work even if the leadership didn’t.

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Thomas McCoy
Technology Alone Won’t Transform Your Digital Experience

Transforming digital experience in your organization should be a top priority, but it’s not enough to purchase the most promising solution we can find and press forward to implementation without making other institutional changes to the way we communicate, deliver service, engage employees, and other functions that can be improved by technology, but not created by technology.

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Kimberly Lanier
Why Business Leaders Should Pitch Their Best Ideas to Kids

Taking responsibility for understanding and experience is is a critical practice for any business leader. If you have younger students in your family or network, consider taking the time to run your best ideas by them. If it’s not possible for teenagers to understand your business, it’s possible you’re losing customers and employees who don’t truly understand it either.

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Some Companies Get Customer Experience Right for Federal Workers Affected by the Government Shutdown

Companies creating flexible solutions for customers facing unusually challenging circumstances are not only potentially gaining customers for life in those they’re helping personally, but public goodwill that could last for years for observers and other customers with strong feelings about corporate responsibility.

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The Imperative of Customer Experience

One recent study found that a moderate increase in customer experience can generate an average revenue increase of $274.3 million per year for a company with $1 billion in annual revenues. The grand majority — 84 percent — of organizations who reported they were working to improve CX saw an increase in revenue.

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