It’s Time to Desegregate Experience Management

Xpedition Exchange

My son has been studying German for five years. He has completed a four-week internship with a company in Germany and has also attended a several week college class in Germany. While in both cases, spoken English was common, his German language training has prepared him to be successful even in a situation where no English is spoken. Nevertheless, most Germans will still recognize him as a foreigner.

From an experience management (XM) perspective, I have mostly run in customer experience (CX) circles. Lately it seems that many CX thought leaders that I follow have been highlighting the critical importance of employee engagement (EX) to delivering a consistent and positive customer experience that drives business growth.

In an online panel discussion, moderated by NICE Systems on the topic of “Connecting the Dots Between Employee Engagement and Customer Experience, panelists were asked, “how should companies be using reward and recognition to motivate their employees?” 

Bob Thompson, the founder of the popular CustomerThink blog and author of Hooked on Customers answered:

“If you don't understand what drives performance, it's difficult to decide what to reward. Rewards are done at a granular level and many companies lack creativity and insight in rewarding their employees. Great companies have a culture of treating employees like customers.”

I hold Bob in high regard. He is one of the leading experts on customer experience. That said, Bob just attempted to speak German with what is likely a very limited education.

My partner in Xpedition, Kimberly Lanier is a true expert in employee engagement. She has been working with companies and building platforms to deliver reward and recognition systems for the better part of her career. If you had asked Kim the very same question that was asked of Bob Thompson, I can guarantee that her answer would have been quite different. VPs of HR and their leadership teams have been working to perfect the practice of reward and recognition to drive engagement for decades. To those who have worked in employee engagement, Bob Thompson was definitely not speaking their langage and would be recognized as a foreigner.

Conversely, Professionals in the employee engagement space are probably even less well positioned to understand and speak the language of customer experience. It does not change the fact that Bob Thompson and many others in the CX space are correct when they say that the key to a successful customer experience is having a successful employee experience that is aligned.

The Xpedition Xosphere

Today, professionals throughout the XM ecosystem or the “Xosphere” as we call it here at Xpedition, increasingly need to collaborate across experience domains to be successful with initiatives they are responsible for. In fact, this lack of collaboration is a major factor that contributes to the broad-based lack of success that companies are experiencing with their experience transformation initiatives across CX, EX, digital experience (DX), product experience (PX) and brand experience (BX).

To be successful, professionals across the Xosphere will not only need to more effectively collaborate with peers in other experience domains, but they may also need to find a common language that will enable that collaboration to be successful. They may even need to learn a little bit more about the languages of the other domains.

 Xpedition is dedicated to tackling XM professionals need for cross functional understanding and increased collaboration across the Xosphere. I invite you to register with us to be alerted that it is launches and be among the first to download our app when it launches in the next several months, as well as to follow our progress between now and then. I can promise you that it will be a multilingual learning experience.